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This carbon application is brought to you in cooperation with leading carbon offsets developer South Pole Group. Please start by choosing a category above, and experience real carbon neutrality you can trust.

Offset your carbon footprint with transparent, real emission reductions fitting your needs and preferences:
  • Choose from several high quality offsetting projects (instead of opaque portfolios).
  • Achieve real climate neutrality now with our already verified credits (instead of a promise for future investments).
  • Get a maximum emission reduction per invested capital (instead of paying high intermediary and marketing cost).
  • Receive your detailed footprinting report at no extra cost (instead of just guessing how your footprint has been calculated).
South Pole Group offers proprietary high quality projects only, developed against the strictest international standards, e.g. The Gold Standard, VCS, CCBS. South Pole Group was elected Best Project Developer in Environmental Finance's Voluntary Carbon Markets survey 2011, 2012 & 2013.

Check the detailed facts provided with the specific projects! In addition, and at no extra cost, you get a footprinting report based on your data. You can see an example certificate and an example footprinting report by clicking on the icons:

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